What People Are Saying About Mermaid Charters

“I came on this trip with my fiancée for our anniversary and had a wonderful experience. Captain JP sure knows how to show a good time. We have memories to last a lifetime.”

“Cap’n JP and his crew in St. John were the best! From the second we pulled away from the dock, JP made our experience very memorable. From his “live for now” attitude to his incredible knowledge of the areas we visited on our excursion, our family had a blast.”

“JP has a GREAT selection on his ipod and he helped us keep the party going all day long. He took tons of photos for us, too.”

“Snorkeling was fantastic. Most of all we loved the pit stops at the local beaches and establishments, including the renowned Soggy Dollar bar :) We would definitely recommend taking a trip with JP.”

“We really appreciated the fact that JP took the time to take and post pictures of our trip day on his Picasa page. I would recommend this trip to anyone that wants to spend a day visiting another island in the VI’s.”

“Captain JP was an amazing host to my family, and we are forever grateful for all the little things he did to make everybody’s trip special. He remembered every single name on the boat, and offered to take pictures, help beginners, or to play everybody’s favorite song.”

“I can’t say enough about the entire experience—great lunch and drinks, great knowledge of the islands and local hot spots.”

“JP has the unique gift of being able to speak to people of all ages from all parts of the world and make them feel welcomed, comfortable, and valued. He is a wonderful host. I’d love to charter a sail boat from him any day.”

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